Monday, February 25

Happy Birthday from a well intentioned daughter :-)

Mom, I thought I would stop by and make you some blueberry muffins for a treat when you got home. 

I brought a box of muffin mix from my house. Well- it looks like Ethan (2.5 yr old) opened the box -no biggie- And you are out of milk -okay- So out of desperation I watered down some 1/2 & 1/2. 

Well I discovered the blueberries were missing -great- No problem, I'll make a quick topping. The only Items I could find were butter, brown sugar and vanilla -


So the muffins inflated more than I expected causing the melted butter and sugar to caramelize and burn in your oven (that is what you are smelling). 

In conclusion, enjoy the muffins and Happy Birthday. 

PS. I can come back tomorrow the clean the oven.

Friday, January 18

Being tedious

No one wants to hear how busy you are. 
I'm busy, you're busy... this is not news. 

Sadly I notice the busier I get, the more I'm inclined to inform 
the public at large. {As if they can do something about it?}

I've come to the conclusion that bringing it up constantly is a bit like bragging.
I'm busy so you must not be? I'm busy so you must be slacking? 

Laundry? Shopping? Family? Friends? Work?
Too busy. busy. busy. busy. busy.

So if I'm too busy for everything, maybe I'm not really all that busy at all.
Maybe this is just the speed of life now?

Thursday, June 21

"Lady Quiets"

Yea, yea, yea... I've heard it all before :-) 
After having me as an overnight guest several times now, I guess I shouldn't 
have been surprised when my daughter brought the earplugs out on a recent visit. 
(Oops, I mean the "lady quiets") 
But if she thinks I'm noisy at night, wait till I shut the cat in the room with her!

Friday, May 25

Let's not spell it out.

I admit it. I enjoy eating lunch out. And Mexican cuisine is among my faves.

Chili Colorado, Carnitas Tacos, Albondigas Soup, Potato & Pea Enchilada... obviously I could go on and on. Rarely do I even look at a menu.

Oh but if only I had kept it that way :-0

There are just some words that should NEVER appear on a menu!

Wednesday, May 2

Color me neglectful :-0

I know, I know. It's absurd to agonize over head-butting, kneading and the very worst... purring. Constant, incessant, sleep depriving purring.

Believe me this little rescued kitty (5 yrs ago) has more than rescued me. Gave me a good solid excuse for those things I hear go bump in the night. Valiantly hunted and took down moths and spiders on my back porch and provided multiple opportunities for me to discover for myself the best carpet spot remover.

And if he is a tad wakeful around 3 or 4 or 5 in the morning then that's just the cat in him, right? His bowl is empty, he's thirsty, his twirly toy flipped over, he's bored. All valid reasons. But wakeful because he just wants to purr?

Good grief he could be marketed as white noise for government agencies. Get your motor running is his theme song. The bed actually vibrates with the force of his contentment. And if by some miracle that doesn't rouse me then there's always kneading.

A sign of affection, of contentment. The vet says he'll stop after awhile, it makes him happy. (Yes I have discussed this with the vet and yes she looked at me a little odd.) But it makes me crazy and a while can continue into hour two. I know, I've tested. You'd think his little paws would ache (I know my side/arm/neck does).
My bad. The flash woke him. I just feel awful!!!
So tonight I'm going to take out the laser and have him run loops through the hall, stairs and kitchen. Then open the back door for an early evening slot of birdwatching topped off by a sprinkle of catnip on that twirly toy.

Maybe tonight I'll just hear snoring.

Friday, April 27

A morning without coffee is like sleep.

I am a collector of phrases. Little word episodes that bring to mind a particular feeling, a moment of humor or just some general quirkiness. Granted there are many phrases that get overused to the point 
of ridicule... but the others are just fun to read/hear.

But what do you do with a collection of words? Injecting them into daily conversation is just plain odd. Only I do like to share them as you would a joke or that silly story about some eccentric relative.

So I came up with coffee sleeves. An unexpected venue for random thoughts.  

Tuesday, April 3

The Flight {or sitting next to Mr. Techy}

I did as instructed, got to the airport an hour (ok, 45 minutes) early. I looked at the group ahead
and thought not bad, I can see the screeners. Then I scanned to the right and saw the rest of the
line of eager travelers snaking down an area the length of a small shopping mall. I boarded with
ten minutes to spare.

Upon getting settled in my seat I looked up to see a man with a carry-on the size of a small child
making his way down the aisle. Now I don't fly much, but even I know this is a potential problem
and it's headed my way.

After he took the seat opposite me I scoped him out while he gestured to the attendant to "do something" with his bag. He then proceeded to adjust his bluetooth headset, add some noise
canceling headphones, check his smart phone, hook up his MP3 player and ease his seat back.
Use your imagination as to how long it took Mr. Techy to "power off" all electronic devices.

Next came three hipsters, each one earnestly immersed in staring at their phone. I was not the only
one who snickered when the gal in the middle got her purse strap caught on an armrest and harshly yanked back to the real world.

When the pilot introduced himself it took him a couple minutes to remember the name of the co-pilot.
This made sense later when it took him three tries/bumps to lift off the field. What was it that mom
used to say... practice, practice, practice? I was REALLY looking forward to the landing at that point.

After this sterling take off, the worlds tallest man (who happened to be sitting in front of me), decided
to stretch out. I don't care what you say, those seat backs move a lot closer to you when a guy is
bracing his hands and feet as if it is the only way to keep the plane in the air.

The flight progressed and I noticed my seat mate to the left watching a movie on her 15" laptop
while on my right a guy is gaming on his Kindle Fire. Not to be outdone I proceeded to pull out my
iPod Classic and watch "Mr. Monk Buys a House" on my 2" screen.

As we approached Denver we were notified that there was a "little" turbulence and the landing may be a bit rough but not to worry. (This from the practice, practice practice pilot.) Captain Fun made a series of acute turns that easily put the wings perpendicular to the ground. I thought he was going to execute a full barrel roll for a minute, but apparently he thought better of it and settled for some serious fishtailing upon landing.

As I exited the cabin I noticed it was taking two attendants to help the worlds tallest man unclench his hands from the armrests. And I couldn't help but smile as Mr. Techy tried to find where on earth they had jammed his carry-on.

Survival of the fittest has found it's place in air travel.